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New day, new start

So tomorrow is a new day, (almost) a new month and for me a new start. On almost every aspect of my life I feel like I need a clean slate and to start again. So let’s start little. From tomorrow I shall make sure I get up and get dressed, actually take the time… Continue reading New day, new start

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I’m trying… Honest!

You probably won’t believe me but I’m really trying to stop biting my nails! And to be honest it’s not the nail biting I’m having issues with – it’s the picking at the skin around my nails. I see a loose bit of skin and I just can’t help myself! Does anyone have any product recommendations… Continue reading I’m trying… Honest!

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Right, Let’s Start Again!

The last few weeks have been pretty stressful, so no sooner had I started the ‘Grow My Nails’ project, I failed. Miserably. I’ve bitten my nails right back and I’ve pulled at the skin. I’ve not used my Nail Envy or my Avoplex Cuticle Oil. And I haven’t touched my lovely Avojuice hand lotion.So I… Continue reading Right, Let’s Start Again!

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Ok so that might sound more exciting than it actually is! I have migrated from Tumblr to Blogger! I loved Tumblr but there is a lot more you can do with Blogger. I can now change my fonts in my posts easily, there are many more themes and backgrounds to choose from, and there seems… Continue reading Migration!

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Goals for my Blog

So I thought I would set myself some goals regarding my blog which I thought I would share with you and get some thoughts if anyone has any! First off, I want to start adding a photo to every post. But for this I need decent quality, light photos. So I need to learn how… Continue reading Goals for my Blog

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Turn it around

So I’ve had a pretty rough weekend. It started really bad, to shorten everything down (for now at least) I spent Saturday morning in tears. I never expected to start my weekend this way. I eventually managed to crawl out of my pit and found a way to drag me and my family to my… Continue reading Turn it around

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Something Slightly Different

Being a new blogger you could probably guess that one of many reasons for starting blogging is down to other bloggers that I follow and read. These are a variety of blogs, some about make up and beauty products, some about gaming, some about mental health and some about life in general. One of the… Continue reading Something Slightly Different

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Fail? Or just a set back?

I’ve had a minor setback with the whole not-biting-my-nails thing. For the past few days I’ve been rather ill. I’ve had a constant sore throat, keep losing my voice, I’ve got a blocked nose, a cough and a headache that makes brain freeze seem like a warm summers day. I’ll obviously live and I will… Continue reading Fail? Or just a set back?


I last bit my nails about 5 days or so ago. But have picked at the skin very recently. As in yesterday recently. Some bits of skin around my fingers are so sore at the moment. But this morning I put on 2 coats of nail envy and used the Avoplex cuticle oil. My nails… Continue reading