Update Post

Just a bit of an update from me on… well, everything!

First up, I have been doing really well on the non-nail biting front.My nails are actually starting to grow. Nail envy is literally the best polish I have ever used. The Avoplex cuticle oil has also been amazing. I have to confess I have pulled at bits of skin that were loose but the amount of dry skin has drastically reduced. I’ll post a proper update on the nail front with progress picture very soon.

I haven’t been very well for the last week. Tickly cough, sore throat, headache, achy joints. I’ve been taking Lemsips and drinking plenty of honey and lemon but it’s been really stubborn!

Hopefully I’ll feel better soon and can start blogging like I had originally intended!

Speak soon

Nikki ~x~

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