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Hello 2016!


Well hello there 2016! You realise you have a lot to live up to? 2015 actually proved to be quite a good year! Still, as always, I have made my resolutions and this time I actually plan on sticking to them. Well most of them anyway! 

We all make resolutions and, if we are all totally honest with ourselves, we never stick to them. Usually within the first week we have gone totally against what we said we were or weren’t going to do! 

So here are my resolutions.

1. Be Healthier & Lose Weight. I make this one every year. I think most people do. I’m hoping this is finally the year I can gain a bit of will power to see this one through.

2. Stop Biting & Grow My Nails. This one I have already started. I just need to carry on! It’ll be easier once my nail infection has fully gone.

3. Take More Photographs. I already take a ton of photos each day – but they are all of my little boy. If you were to go through the 2,000 plus photos on my phone you might find about 1% of these are of anything other than my son! So I would like to start taking photos of places I’ve been to, things I’ve seen. This doesn’t mean I’ll stop photographing my son, it just means I’ll be taking photos of other stuff too! I also want to try improve upon my photo editing and the way I take photos. Try and make them look sharper and more interesting.

4. Be More Organised. Over the last year (or 2 or 3) I have gotten sloppy. I’ve been lazy. I am untidy and unorganized. I’m also a major hoarder. Time for a change.

5. Blog Every Day. Or at least try to. If I can’t manage every day, it’ll certainly be every other day. I am really enjoying blogging so this one is quite important to me.

6. Get Out More. This is very much a tag on resolution. It tags onto the being healthier and also the photographing different things. If I get out more I can be healthier by getting exercise and there will be so many more things I can take photos of!

7. Read and Write More. I used to read so much before I had my son and since then (8 months) I have probably finished one book. I might sign up to Read It Swap It to try and help me read more. I also used to write down every dream I had, every thought, everything. I’d quite like to start this again.

8. Be More Confident. I used to be a confident, bubbly girl. I’m sure where it all went wrong (actually I am, I just really don’t want to get into it. At least not right now) but I miss that girl. I used to think I could look good in a bin bag and that I was absolutely awesome. I was the female Barney Stinson (a How I Met Your Mother character, played by Neil Patrick Harris, just in case you thought I was going crazy for a second there). So I am going to try and not really care what others think, and just simply be me!

9. Spend Less. I have read a few blogs over the last few days from people who are challenging themselves to spend less. I think this is a fab idea. My bank balance will really suffer come the end of January as I have officially had the last of my maternity pay. This mean until I return to work I will not receive any pay at all. So I’m thinking this will be a really good idea and I might even be able to save a few pennies. I’ve also read bloggers talking about the 100 Days No Spending Challenge…. It’s scary but I may give this a go!

10. Last but not least… Be a Good Mum. I have actually really struggled since having my little boy. I have talked about it either which I don’t think has helped. I am a sufferer of Post-Partum Depression. Having spoken to a GP mine isn’t severe, which means I don’t need anti-depressants – I was offered them but I turned them down. Mine also is more like Post-Partum Anxiety which is more of an American thing. Here in Britain PPD and PPA are both catagorised under PPD. I was given a list of websites that could help me and was advised to write a diary, talk to friends and family or even find other mummy friends that suffer or have suffered and overcome PPD to get some advice. After speaking to my partner about how I’m feeling, my goal now is to simply be a good mum. As long as my son is healthy and happy, I am doing my job and doing it well. I’m also going to make a daily goal to have an undisturbed cup of tea. I’ll be taking this ‘me time’ while baby boy is napping! I’ll also throw in a blog post or a bit of reading while he is napping too!

I think I’ll probably give myself monthly goals to try and break it down a bit and make these seem easier to accomplish. 

Have you made any resolutions this year? I’d love to hear about yours!

Nikki ~x~

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