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My News + Plans for the Blog!

In my previous post I mentioned I had some exciting news but I had to let relevant people know first. I’ve now done my bit as far as that is concerned and I now tell you guys!!

I have a new job! I will be a Playworker for a Kids Club in my town. I will be taking care of children aged between 4 & 11 before and after school. The club runs during the holidays too and the owner has some very exciting trips planned! 

I’m really looking forward to this new venture in my life and I am so so pleased it will allow me to carry on spending loads of time with my little boy during the day.

On to more boring things now! I was discussing my blog with my boyfriend this evening and saying how I was struggling for content and that I wished I had more to blog about or at least a bit more of a routine so that I could blog at least every other day. So I sat with my notebook and pen (part of my New Years resolution! Are you proud of me?) and I listed the things I would like to include in my blog and then looked at what I wanted to include on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

I think I have come up with a good system and my boyfriend came up with some fab ideas too! I’ll be trying them out from Monday and we’ll just see how we go. If you have any thoughts on my new plan or have any ideas on things that you would like to see me blog about please please please tell me!

Nikki ~x~ 

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