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Update Post: Apology

So I must apologise for being quite absent and neglecting my blog over the last few days. My little boy has come down with Croup. 

He’s been really coughing his guts up bless him, it’s torn at his throat and made it difficult for him to breath – especially when he’s lay down which has meant a couple of sleepless nights in our household. If you don’t know what Croup is or you just want a little more information on it then all the info you need is on the NHS website or just click here.

So I feel like this blog has become a bit less personal than I had originally intended so I’d like to to an ‘about me’ post. I’m not sure whether to do this as a Q&A kind of thing or whether to do a ‘facts about me’ post with 20 or more facts about me and my life.

Let me know what you’d prefer to see!

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