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Mummy Monday!

My first official Mummy Monday post! 

Ok, so, I posted not too long ago about some posts I wanted to do and one of them was a mummy post. I’ll be telling you guys about my baby boy and his development as well as how I’m coping as a first time mum and dealing with post-natal anxiety.

So for my first post I shall simply tell you about my day! Today was tough. Napping was a big no no, he just kept fighting his sleep. That is genuinely more exhausting than waking in the early hours of the morning. Luckily he does fall asleep in the car so I ended up having to go for a drive, and even that took longer than normal! But I’m not going to lie, today really took it’s toll on me. I had one of those days where I actually questioned whether I can do this. Whether I can be a mum. Whether I have the strength. And for a brief second the answer to all of those was ‘no’. But once he had actually gone to sleep and I looked over at him, I realised I’m stronger than I think and I can do this. I am a good mum. Not being able to get him to sleep every once in a while does not make me a bad mum.

How do all you other mummies get your little ones to nap throughout the day?

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