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March Goals

Today I had an appointment to donate blood. I went, and mid donation was told that they would have to stop as my blood was not flowing quick enough. For anyone who knows me will understand how big a deal this was. I have a fear of needles and got myself all worked up for nothing. In the time that I was there, I read some blogs that I like and once I was told my donation had to be cut short, I made the decision to take inspiration from one of my favourite bloggers (Famous in Japan) and do a monthly goals post, so here goes.

  1. Be healthier and take better care of myself. This is kind of self explanatory. Being told your blood is flowing too slowly for donation makes you instantly take to Google and look at why. Majority of places I looked suggested it might be down to being unhealthy and unfit. So, time to make a change. I making this goal to be physically healthier and mentally healthier too.
  2. Blog more. I find myself really neglecting my blog. I’m going to try to blog a lot through March. My biggest problem is finding topics to blog about!
  3. Take more photographs. I recently dug out my camera and have been taking lots of photos of my little boy. I realised while doing this that I really really enjoy taking photos. So I plan to continue and take loads!
  4. Organise myself better. I always tell myself I’m going to do this one and I never do. My house is a tip and I am always forgetting things. I need to try and find a way to be more organised. It should help with my wanting to blog more too.
  5. Last but not least, don’t neglect my family. Since having my little boy my whole world has gone into looking after him and making sure he has my undivided attention. This has meant I’ve neglected other members of my family. My partner being one of them. I don’t mean to and I plan on rectifying this.
Do you have any goals for the month? What are they?

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