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Why Do I Blog?

My boyfriend was asking me the other day why I blog, why did I start blogging and what do I get out of it. This really got me thinking. I know why I started this blog. I’ve been blogging for a while but it’s always been in drips and drabs and I have never really taken it seriously. This is because when I started my very first blog I wanted to have hundreds, thousands, even millions of readers. This was highly unrealistic and when it didn’t happen overnight I gave up.

Fast forward to Curves and Contour. Me and my sister started this blog. My sister very quickly departed due to her (extremely) active social life and busy work life. As a new mum on maternity leave I continued with the blog as a way to cure boredom during the times when my little boys naps, to help me with weight loss (hmmm…) and to help with my anxiety. I really suffer with my anxiety and I thought that if I wrote like everyone is reading, even if they’re not, it would help me get things off my chest that I might not be able to tell anyone else about.

If you are thinking about starting your own blog, I think a good starting place is to just write in it like you would a journal or a diary and go from there. You’ll soon work out what you enjoy blogging about!

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