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Not What I Had Planned!

Of all the things I had thought about doing this Bank Holiday weekend, how I have actually spent it has not been in any of those thoughts. Saturday started with a bit of a pamper session for me as I went out to Cute Tips in Shrewsbury to have my nails done. I had French acrylics with a glitter gel polish on top. I’m super pleased with how they turned out and I’m hoping that it’ll help me grow my natural nails a little bit!

After a quick wonder around town I headed home to pick up my little boy to head round to my mums for a bit of company while my boyfriend headed off to work. My poor little boy wasn’t exactly himself when we first got there but I put this down to teething. As the afternoon went on he gradually got worse until I decided I wasn’t happy with how he was breathing. After calling Shropdoc (Shropshire out of hours doctor), paramedics came out to check him over and suggested we go out to Princess Royal Hospital in Telford to be checked out by a Paediatric Doctor (we got to ride in an Ambulance!). All in all my poor baby was poked and prodded by at least 3 different Doctors. Each one was amazing and took on board what we were telling them. Several examinations, checks and a chest x-ray later, we were told he has a chest infection and were given some paracetamol, ibuprofen and antibiotics and finally sent home.

He seems loads better today, very much appears to be back to himself. If he seems even better in the morning, we are going to head out in to town (I haven’t decided whether to go into Shrewsbury or Telford yet) and go to Clarks and get my boy his first pair of shoes!

How are your Bank Holiday weekends going so far? Have they gone according to plan?

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