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Last night was date night. My mum and dad had my little boy while me and my boyfriend went for a meal and to the cinema. We had originally.  planned to go to our local Harvester for a meal but it was very busy and we would have missed our movie so instead decided to go to Nandos instead as both places are right next to the cinema.

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After our meal we headed to Cineworld to watch the new Captain America film, Captain America: Civil War. I have seen the previous 2 CA films and the first Avengers film. My boyfriend had also seen the second Avengers film as well as Antman. There were a few references to each of the films but nothing that meant the story was difficult to follow. Prior to the release of the film, there was a hashtag going around to choose which ‘Team’ you wanted to side with – #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan. Before going to see the film we both picked teams. As you can guess by the title of this post I was of course #TeamCap while my boyfriend was #TeamIronMan. I won’t say anything about who won because I don’t want to give away too many spoilers in this post!

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One of my favourite scenes shows Steve Rogers running after Bucky who is taking off in a helicopter. Steve grabs hold of the helicopter and pulls it back (just look at those muscles!). I also really loved the addition of Spiderman (despite the fact I am not a fan of Spiderman at all) and Paul Rudd as Antman. Both added a comedy aspect to the film and there were several laugh out loud moments.

All in all it was an amazing film with action from start to finish. There were so many parts where I was on the edge of my seat too! I can’t wait for the next movie! It seems the next Avengers movie is due for release in 2018 and is entitled Infinity War Part 1.

Do you plan on seeing the film if you haven’t already? If so, remember to stay for mid-credits and post-credits scenes!

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