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Mummy Post: Sensory Bottles

As my little boy is growing up I’m trying to think of more and more things that I can do with him and things that I can make for him to play with that are a bit different (and cheaper!) than all the toys on the shelves in supermarkets and toy shops.

I saw a post on Facebook which showed calming sensory bottles so I thought I would give them a go!

I got some clear plastic bottles out of the recycling (saving the planet too!) and cleaned them out and let them dry. I purchased some water beads off eBay (they were 99p for 500 beads!) and some really pretty blue and pink leopard print duck tape.

Once everything had arrived, I put some of the beads in each bottle and filled them with water. I was amazed that even after an hour the beads had already doubled in size! They take about 8 hours to expand to their fullest but once they have the result is amazing! The duck tape was the finishing touch, designed to add that little bit extra and to seal the lid so that it doesn’t accidentally pop off and let water go everywhere – not to mention the beads! They’re super slippy and bouncy! (I can only imagine what it was like for the guy in this video! SO. MANY!) Once the duck tape is on, shake the bottle and watch them go! They are so mesmerising and actually rather relaxing! (They are for my son. Honest!). In the end I made 2 – a multi coloured one and a black and white one (the black and white one kind of reminds me of 101 Dalmations).

My boy loves them and spends ages shaking the bottles and watching the beads go round and around!

Have you ever made anything like this? Would you?

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