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I seem to be slipping a lot lately. I’d love to blame lack of time, or being too busy. But I just haven’t felt like blogging. I think I was starting to lose sight of why I started blogging in the first place.

I love blogging. I started this as a project with my sister to help keep my mind busy. We wanted something to help us with our weight loss and fitness and also to find beauty products we love and be able to tell the world about them. I don’t think my sister was overly interested in the first place and she very quickly slipped away from the blog. She is a very busy girl – I don’t know how she has the energy half the time! Once she basically handed the blog over to me I made the decision I didn’t want to just blog about health, fitness and beauty. I wanted to blog about things that I had seen, things that I had done and being a mum.

And that pretty much bring us to today. I want to blog more and I’m hoping I can get into a habit of doing so over the next couple of weeks. We are off on holiday soon and I am really looking forward to blogging about our time away and what we get up to. During this time my sister will be housesitting and a few other family members will be helping to chip in with looking after our cat.

I have had June’s Birchbox at the beginning of the week so I hope to blog about that over the next few days!

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