pokemon go

Week Review #1

This is the first of (hopefully) many weekly reviews.

I thought it might be good to try and make sure I write at least once a week guaranteed, as I know I’m not exactly the best at posting on a regular basis!

So, here goes!

Monday was my first day back at work after our holiday. It was tough but as far as first days back go, a good one! Not sure if I was missed or not but hopefully I was. Tuesday and Wednesday were also good, fairly basic days, nothing exciting.

Thursday. Now Thursday was a good day. It was the day everyone from my generation (as well as many others) have been waiting for. Pokémon Go was released in the UK! I’ve been playing since it’s release and am totally hooked! I’m considering a series of posts on Pokémon Go (maybe even a vlog – eeek!), it would all depend on how things go.

Friday I came down very poorly very suddenly. Migraine and not being able to keep food down. Luckily my mum was on hand to help out with my baby boy.

This weekend has flown by and I am feeling so much better. I think it was just a 24hr bug. Mentally though I’m not at my best. I’m feeling very down and panicky. I have an appointment at the Doctors on Thursday so hopefully I’ll be able to finally get something sorted. I know I don’t want any anti-depressants as I have taken these before and felt worse on them than I did before taking them.

So that was my week. I’m sure I’ll get better at writing these as the weeks go by!

Have you had a good week?

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