Olympic Procrastination

Today the realisation of just how bad I am at blogging hit me. I mean in the sense that I simply forget to blog at all. I’m not sure how my writing is, I tend to just write what’s going through my head at any given moment. But as for actually sitting down to write? I’m awful. I mean well but always find I end up doing something else.

Take this week for example. I’ve sat down with my laptop at least 3 times to write a blog post or two, and instead I’ve ended up getting wrapped up in the Olympics. Every. Single. Time.

Have you guys been watching the Olympics? It’s been pretty good so far hasn’t it? Team GB are doing so so well and it really makes me proud to be British. I watched last night as Laura Trott and the rest of the women’s team pursuit in the cycling won gold and then as Rebecca James grabbed silver in the women’s keirin. Tonight I’m watching the cycling again and Team GB have a gold and a silver in the men’s sprint! Andy Murrany is also playing to retain his Olympic champion status in the tennis against Argentine Juan Martin del Potro.

I always get so excited when the Olympics are on, I just love how it brings people together.

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