Photo credit: Hazel (Twitter: @fleur_charms)

Saturday 29th October. The day finally arrived. I’d been looking forward to it since I got the email to say that I had a space at the event.

I’ll admit to a small panic attack while getting ready as nothing seemed to be going right and I was tempted to hide myself away and not leave the house. But I managed to pull myself together and head out to meet Karen (Jinksy Beauty) and Sam (Sams Life Adventures) in Telford to travel to the event together.

We arrived a little too early so had ourselves a sneaky drink in the bar before heading upstairs to the room where the event was being held.

I had so much fun looking at the different products out on display, entering the various different competitions – my favourite being the design a pumpkin colouring competition – and creating my own fragrance ( I named mine Simply Nikki). Yes you read right. I created my own perfume (and it actually smelled really nice)! This was courtesy of The Perfume Studio London who showed us how the celebs do it when they are creating their signature smell! The representative at the event was Ben, and he was super friendly and took his time explaining it all to us (and taking our picture for their Twitter!) before whipping up a small sample of our fragrances to take home with us. I’ve had loads of compliments on my fragrance so far!

Another table had loads of products from dr. Botanicals. Their products are all vegan friendly and paraben free – and they smell amazing too! I’m really looking forward to trying out some of their products!

Ashton & Kirsty did such an amazing job pulling everything together for the day and I cannot give them enough credit for everything they did. So much thought went into every tiny detail. I believe it was Kirsty who put together the music playlist, and it was epic! (If you’re reading this Kirsty, please send the list of songs on the playlist! I need it for my car!)

And then there’s the goody bags. Oh. My. God. I don’t even know where to start! They were incredible! There are some pictures below of just a few things that were included but there was so much in there I really didn’t know where to start!

Thank you so much to Kirsty and Ashton for organising everything, you guys really are amazing! And a huge thank you to all the brands that got involved and help provide us with some exciting goodies!

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