Gift Guide

#Blogmas | Etsy Christmas Gift Guide ~ Gifts for Her

Day 3 of #Blogmas is a gift guide! Now, I’ve typed out about 5 different gift guides now before finally settling on doing a his and hers guide and then possibly an additional one for kids. I’ve hunted high and low on the world wide web sites I know and love (*cough cough* Esty *cough cough*) and have come up with a gift guide for those lovely ladies in your life! These are mainly stocking fillers or little gifts, nothing too extravagant!

From left to right: Grape Soda Pin Badge from Up, £5.49. I Like You a Lottle porcelain heart, £5. Obi Wan Mug, £7.50. Monogrammed Book, £28. Engraved Coordinates Necklace, £15.65

From left to right: Hubby & Wifey Keyrings, £3.50. My Side/Your Side Comical pillowcases, £26. Personalised Keyring, £19.99

 From left to right: Mama make-up bag, £10. Mother cushion, £14. Mama Bear top, £21.42
From left to right: World’s Okayest Sister jumper, £17. Sister to Auntie mug, £7. Sister rules mug, £7.99

These are simply stocking fillers so there should be something for all budgets here!

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