#Blogmas | Five Favourite Friday – Christmas Decorations

It’s my turn this week and I’ve opted for Christmas Decorations. I’m not talking specifics, just decoration type. You’ll get what I mean once you’ve seen my choices! So let’s get started!

5. Lights. Even more so this year, my son simply adores them!

4. Bunting. I’m not sure this is a traditional decoration but I really love the idea of Christmassy Bunting!

3. Baubles. What is a tree without baubles?

2. Snowglobes. I love that there are so many different varieties of snowglobe, I even used to have a Nightmare Before Christmas one!

1. Christmas Tree. Of course top of the list had to be the Christmas Tree! Without fail every year, a tree is put up in our home and decorated oh so beautifully and I always feel extremely Christmassy once our tree is up!

And that’s it! What wasn’t on my list that would have been on yours? Let me know in the comments!

Next week it’s Tim’s turn to pick a topic. And after that there is only one more Friday before 2017! Time has just flown this year! We have decided between us a topic for the last Friday of the year and then I’ll be picking the first topic of 2017.

As always, pop on over and read Tim’s post here!

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