Five Favourite Friday | 1st Gen Pokemon

Firstly, a big Happy European Birthday to Pokemon Go! A year ago yesterday, Niantic began to roll out the European release of Pokemon Go. Since it’s release, it has had numerous updates, including the addition of over 80 Gen 2 Pokemon.

To celebrate, we are looking at our top 5 first generation Pokemon.

5. Cubone. For no other reason then, look how cute!!

4. Meowth. Another very simple reason – I love cats! And I’d love this one in real life!

3. Gyarados. This one would have been much higher on my list, perhaps top of the list even, if it weren’t so difficult to get! As far as I am aware, you can not catch one, they have to be evolved from Magikarp. And if you don’t live anywhere near water, it will be extremely difficult to get hold of approximately 200 Magikarp!

2. Eevee. And all her evolutions. Just like Cubone, Eevee is so cute and I love that there are numerous possible evolutions, 3 for first generation – Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon.

1. Pikachu. I used to watch Pokemon as a kid and Pikachu has always been my favourite. He’s my number 1 choice for starter pokemon and I adore that little yellow bolt of electricity!

What are your favourite pokemon? You can read Tim’s list here!

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