Five Favourite Friday | MCU Characters

Once again my top is coming to you on a Monday! Don’t you just love it when life gets in the way? Luckily, my NVQ is now complete (woohoo!) and I can focus on other things – like writing more content!

So let’s kick off our top 5 MCU characters shall we? Tim has said to leave out villains as he plans to do that one another time.

5. Iron Man. Whether you love him or hate him, you’ve got to admire his confidence! Although I’m not actually a big fan of Iron Man, I do love Robert Downey Jr’s portrayal of him. He’s cocky and quick witted and I love that!

4. Ant-Man. I’ve not yet watched this film from start to finish without interruptions, but Ant-Man is such a funny character. I think it really helps that I love Paul Rudd and think he’s absolutely hilarious!

3. Drax the Destroyer. For the sake of full disclosure, I will not be including Groot in my top 5. Although I love Groot, I feel he overshadows a lot of the other characters so I’m giving someone else a chance to shine! And that is Drax. I wasn’t keen on him at first but soon grew to love how literally he takes the things other say.

2. Doctor Strange. Benedict Cumberbatch really did this character justice, I really enjoyed the film (even if it was a bit trippy)

1. Jessica Jones. Because who doesn’t love a dark, mysterious female heroine vigilante posing as a PI?

And that’s my top 5. Tim is choosing this Friday’s topic again, in the meantime you can read his top 5 and find out what the topic is here – see you Friday!

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