Update | August So Far…

How are we already into the second week of August? Time is going far too quickly!

July seemed to disappear too, although I’m not quite sure where to! I had a lovely birthday (which turned into a birthday week!) which started quietly with my Tim and Alex, then lunch with my parents and then various other celebrations including birthday cocktails with my sister! Brilliant!

And now it’s August…. I’ve not done a great deal although I have been working on various posts to come over the next month or two, including some exciting announcements! I am certainly loving how exciting life as a blogger can be!

One thing I have decided upon is that these updates seem to be coming along very frequently so I have decided to make them a frequent thing. I’m unsure as to how frequent at this moment but I’m thinking one every couple of weeks or one a month… We shall see!

So that’s pretty much it for this particular update! But I’ll be back on Friday with Five Favourite Friday, and this week we’re looking at our top 5 dinosaurs (purely because Alex is obsessed¬†with dinosaurs at the moment!)

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