Five Favourite Friday | Dinosaurs!

So, our little boy is obsessed with dinosaurs at the minute. He loves them. And because of this, our top 5 this week is our favourite dinosaurs!

Here goes!

5. Stegosaurus. This beast of a dinosaur intrigues me. Like, what on earth did they use the plates on their backs for??

4. Velociraptor. In the words of Shakespear – She be but little, she is fierce. Little and feisty, what’s not to love?

3. Carnotaurus. A strange looking beast. It kinda looks like something straight outta hell if I’m honest! It must be something about those horns…

2. Diplodocus. Good ol’ Dippy! Who doesn’t love Dippy? If you don’t love Dippy, leave. Now.

1. Tyrannosaurus Rex. The King of them all. I realise this will be a lot of peoples favourites but I do love the T-Rex. If you don’t, then simply imagine this humongous dinosaur with the tiniest of arms trying to make a bed….. See, love him now don’t you?!

And there’s my top 5. If you have a favourite dinosaur, let me know in the comments. Otherwise, pop on over to Tim’s blog to find out his top 5 and find out what next weeks topic is!

*Images taken from Ark: Survival Evolved

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