Baby Names I Love.. But Won’t Be Using

I’ve seen numerous YouTubers doing this now, and thought I’d follow suit and do a post about the names I love but will not be using when baby #2 makes an appearance! I’m only choosing 5 boys names and 5 girls names or we’d be here all day!

Boys –
Leo ~ I love this name but I fear people might start questioning whether I just have an obsession with a certain Mr DiCaprio…
Jeremiah ~ this was my late Grandad Aston’s middle name and I always thought if I had a boy he would be called James Jeremiah (or JJ for short) but I came to my senses and realised that actually it wouldn’t be right for my little boy.  
Marley ~ not so much that I won’t be using it, and more that I can’t use it. My sister has banned me from using it… so, yeah…
Jasper ~ our old neighbours cat was called Jasper. ‘Nuff said. 
William ~ because William Williams is just cruel. 
Girls –
Poppy ~ if Alex had been a girl, we had picked out Poppy as a name. Now we know far too many Poppy’s so I feel like we couldn’t use that one. 
Florence ~ I do really like this name but I don’t feel it’s something that my child would be called, you know what I mean?
Aria ~ no, I don’t have a Pretty Little Liars obsession, you do…
Lexi ~ just a little bit too close to Alex. That and it’s short for Alexandra. I couldn’t have an Alexander and an Alexandra Now could I?
Luna ~ just a little too out there for me. As much as I love the name and I feel like it’s a name either I would regret choosing or she would hate me for giving her
What names do you love? Would you use them or not?

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