We’re Having a….

As I write this it’s just 5 days until we find out whether Alex is having a baby brother or sister! I’m so excited! Of course I don’t mind which I have as long as baby is happy and healthy…. But I have to admit that I would love a little girl. I already have my little boy so a little girl would complete my family perfectly! On the other hand, a boy would give Alex a best friend and I would be able to use all those cute little outfits that Alex was only in for what felt like 2 seconds!

Post-Scan – after a long (and I mean looooooong) day, we finally made our way across to Babyvision for the scan. They were running late as they weren’t able to scan someone and had to get them to have a walk around to try and get baby moving into a better position. So our 4pm appointment was more like 4:30 in the end. The lady was lovely and immediately made us all feel more at ease. She found baby’s heartbeat straight away (which really helped with my anxiety) and then moved onto things like baby’s spine and head and legs before finding baby’s bottom! The moment of truth… she turned to us and pointed at 3 lines by baby’s bum and said “these three lines here tell me that baby….”

Yes that’s right! We are having a little baby girl! Alex will have a sister and we will have a daughter! I’m so excited, having an older brother and a younger sister has always been the picture of a perfect family to me (not to say anything else isn’t perfect, it’s just what is perfect for me) so I feel incredibly lucky to be having exactly this. On the sheet of paper we took away saying that they had told us baby is female, it does state that gender scans are only 97% accurate, so I do plan on ‘double checking’ at our 20 week scan in 3 weeks just to be sure…

I did run a poll on twitter and 71% of you said it was going to be a girl! I’m impressed! I was convinced it was a boy!

I’ll be back again over the next week or so with another pregnancy update (yes, another one. Just because I can’t seem to talk about anything else at the moment!) and then I promise I’ll post something non-pregnancy related! 

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