Coping with Stress

I get stressed so easily and find it very difficult to wind down. And with Christmas coming up super fast and dealing with a very energetic 2 year old while being 5 months pregnant, I’m finding it even more difficult still! So I asked around for some advice on how to deal with stress, especially as a parent or when you are expecting.

  • Enough, for a while, is good enough. The last thing you need as a growing or new parent is to constantly fret about the image of being perfect. You won’t be, you can’t keep all the plates spinning at once and something will have to give. So put your duties in order of priority, do what needs to be done, get rid of ALL advice books, stop looking at Instagram and, if by the end of the day, you still have your job, a roof over your head, your significant other and kept all your children alive, fed and dressed, you’ve done a good enough job. www.howtorockatparenting.wordpress.com 
  •  Ante-natal yoga was a lifesaver. Once a week, I just got to be pregnant and focus on myself and my body. I’d leave feeling lighter than air, mentally and physically (quite a feat as I got towards the end of my pregnancy!). www.spitting-Yarn.com
  •  Taking a step back is important – not everything needs to be completed there and then. Also, trying to get enough rest – you’re growing another human after all! thefrugalcottage.com 
  • I was so anxious when I was pregnant with my youngest because I had just had a miscarriage a couple of months before. I also develop cholestasis in pregnancy, which increases the risk of stillbirth, so I was just on edge all the time. I then started aquanatal and a pregnancy meditation class and it helped so much with the anxiety. I’d really recommend them to anyone who is feeling stressed or anxious in pregnancy. https://ourfairytaleadventure.com/2015/08/05/prenatal-meditation-yoga/ 
  •  Aromatherapy oils helped me to ease stress a lot – both as a massage tool, in a diffuser and I have a mix on a roll on that I put on my wrists. 100% natural so entirely safe when pregnant!www.welshmum.co.uk 
  •  Having some time to yourself helps! I make sure I have half hour to myself. Kids in bed and husband upstairs. I look at my phone or just have a bath, anything so I can reset myself. www.savings4savvymums.co.uk 
  •  We tried to spend some time each week making meal plans and creating lists of activities or cleaning jobs that needed doing around the house so that everybody knew what needed to be done during the week. This allowed me to feel less guilty about not being able to help around the house in the later weeks of pregnancy and meant that we didn’t have last minute stresses about cooking dinner or have a child running out of clean socks before school! www.rtoatsblog.com 
  •  Hypnotherapy really helped me relax wi
    th my first son and massively reduced my anxiety about having two under 2yrs when I was due my second son. Being able to practice the hypnosis at home was priceless. www.thriftymum.com
  •  It may sound silly but in a busy job ensuring a took my lunch break was so important for my stress levels. Rather than eating at my desk I would go somewhere quiet and read a book or crochet. Once baby came I made sure that during at least one of his naps I would sit and watch TV for 30 minutes or read. Just doing something for yourself can be important. Washing can wait. www.welshmumwriting.com 
  •  Stepping away from Google. I was so anxious about the health of the baby during my last pregnancy. To begin with, I spent a lot of time Googling symptoms. But it is quite scary and only made me anxiety worst. So I stepped away from Google and spoke to my midwife if I was worried. It made a big difference. http://mrshsfavouritethings.com 
  • Having a soak in a hot bath after the kids were in bed so I could truly relax and unwind was a godsend for me. Also walking the dog on my own. A good walk out in the fresh air can really make you feel 100 times better. www.mumof2point5.com

Thank you so much to all the wonderful bloggers that put forward their tips – I have thoroughly enjoyed reading them all and plan to put several of these into action as soon as possible. I went through CBT after finally admitting something wasn’t quite right and getting a diagnosis for PND. I am determined this time around to make some time for myself and put everything I’ve learned from CBT and from all these amazing tips into practice and take better care of myself.

Let me know if there are any tips you would add.

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