Pregnancy Update | Weeks 27 & 28

Well hello there third trimester!

This pregnancy seems like it’s flying by! I really don’t remember my pregnancy with Alex going this quickly.

Week 27
It’s been a stressful week which has led to me not noticing as many movements as I would like. But she has been moving, I’m not worrying too much. I really don’t want anxiety to take over so I’m really trying to remain calm and collected as much as I can. There’s been a lot of cramping this week, and bump feels solid. I can only assume she’s going through a bit of a growth spurt which is causing a lot of stretching.

Week 28
I genuinely feel like the second I hit 28 weeks the heartburn has just gone ridiculous! I was already taking Omeprazole pre-pregnancy for acid reflux so that is helping a little. Me and Alex went to Little Rascals (a soft play centre in Shrewsbury) to meet a friend who is actually due her second baby this weekend! It was lovely to see her and catch up again and I can’t wait to finish work so I can spend more time with my friends and my little boy. I’ve also had my 28 week midwife appointment this week (including the 28 week bloods – one more to go!). It went well, bloods were taken with ease, we discussed feeding once baby arrives and listened to her heartbeat. The only disappointing thing is that bump is measuring a week ahead. This means that if it measures big again then I’ll be sent for a growth scan. And if the growth scan confirms baby is large (which it did with Alex, they said he was due to be at least 10lb and ended up being born at 7lb 9oz) then I will have to repeat the glucose tolerance test. This is the last thing I want. It was tough enough the first time around but I would rather avoid going through that again. I wonder if I breath in at my next bump measurment…?

I realise that my previous updates have been rather lengthy and as I progress through my pregnancy there will be more to write about. So as my midwife appointments are every 2 weeks from now on, I will do an update every 2 weeks as well. I can’t believe how fast the time is going!

UPDATE: since writing about meeting my friend, she has given birth to a beautiful little boy called Theo! Congratulations Laura, he’s absolutely gorgeous!

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