Pregnancy Update | Weeks 29 & 30

30 weeks…. wow! It feels like a massive milestone! I’m starting to get impatient now and can not wait to meet our baby girl!

Week 29

The week started eventful with my little boy gaining yet another cough and it causing him to vomit. I had him in bed with me while daddy slept on the sofa on Monday night. By Tuesday morning I was coughing and by Tuesday afternoon  was really not well. I was off work for the remainder of the week as I was really really poorly. Daddy was also suffering which was the difficult bit as our little boy was starting to perk up and wanting to play even though we had zero energy (huge thanks to the in-laws for helping out with little man so much, we are eternally grateful). On Saturday, although I still felt rough, it was still better than the last few days. And by Sunday, I had very little energy but I felt a ton better! Hip hip hooray!

Week 30
Genuinely can not believe I am writing an update for my 30th week of pregnancy with my second child! If someone had told me 5 years ago that I would have one child and another on the way I would have laughed so hard and yet here we are! I’m still recovering from last week but I’m starting to feel loads better. Hopefully by this time next week I’ll be back to my normal self (keep your fingers crossed for me!). This week has also seen my 30 week midwife appointment. This was just the usual listen to baby’s heartbeat and talk over how I’m feeling and getting the results of last appointment’s blood test. All was good with baby, she’s head down and back to bump which is exactly where she should be. I currently don’t need iron tablets – yes! – but I mentioned about some itching I’d been suffering on my hands, arms, legs and feet and she took some more bloods to test for cholestasis, a liver condition which could cause complications. I need to wait for the results and I’ll get a phone call if the results are positive. This just means I’ll need to take some medication for it and will likely be induced a few weeks early. And I’ll be needing to keep an eye on movements as any change can be a sign that there’s something wrong, even if she moves later on. I’ve been feeling increasingly more tired and breathless this week too. But I’m putting this down to being poorly last week and still not feeling 100%. I’m looking forward to feeling more like myself again!

The day following my midwife appointment where I mentioned about my itching, I had a phone call from the midwives to say that one of the tests showed levels are raised and that I needed to go into hospital for some additional tests and monitoring. Upon arriving, they did their usual tests of blood pressure and temperature. Then I was hooked up to the monitor to make sure baby girl was doing ok – spoiler alert, she’s doing well. I was then told that the second lot of blood test results had come back as raised too and that from now on I would be under consultant care for obstetric cholestasis. I was given some medication to try and reduce the bile acid levels and had yet more blood taken. The midwife explained to us that all this now means is that I will be back in weekly for blood tests and growth scans and that I am likely to be induced early (around 38 weeks). There is a link between women who have cholestasis and premature births and/or stillbirth. But as long as I am monitored there is no reason why I can’t have the VBAC I am hoping for and that everything will go relatively smoothly.

My next routine midwife appointment is in 2 weeks so I’ll be back then with another update! Until then, here’s the bump!

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