Pregnancy Update | Weeks 31 & 32

After a hectic few weeks, I’m back with another update!

Week 31
This week has seen appointment after appointment. It starts on Tuesday with our growth scan. She doing absolutely fine. Confirmed to be head down, which is exactly what we wanted to hear as I’m planning a VBAC. She is alos measuring almost exactly where she should be *phew* which mean I don’t have to repeat my glucose tolerance test for gestational diabetes! Yay!

Now Wednesday. We started our day by heading out to Little Rascals to meet my friend Laura and her brand new baby boy, Theo! He is such a cutie and I had genuinely forgotten how tiny newborns are! On to appointments. Next up was my weekly blood test and monitoring and an appointment to see the consultant. I got my bloods taken a little later than planned so I had to then head to see the consultant under the premise that I would return to be hooked up to the monitor to make sure baby girl was ok. I was under the impression that the consultant would be discussing what was going to happen regarding her delivery. Nope. We discussed that fact that my growth scan went ok, what exactly cholestasis is and what it means, the fact that my iron levels have dropped and finally that I needed to go back in 4 weeks time…. Disappointed doesn’t really cover it. I had really high hopes for knowing exactly what was to come so I could prepare myself. But I am going to have to wait another 4 weeks for that! When this was all over I went back for monitoring and after 15 minutes I got the all clear.

This was supposed to be it for appointments but after a sleepless night, Thursday morning I called my GP to see if could get seen that day as I spent pretty much all night just coughing. And as it turns out, I’ve got another chest infection and more antibiotics. I can’t wait to finally feel more like myself again.

Week 32
A brand new week, and I’m still coughing! I don’t feel as bad as I did though so I’m hoping that means I’m now starting to recover. Baby girls has been extremely active which is really good although it’s starting to get a little uncomfortable as she grows and is starting to run out of room! My monitoring this week went really well. The midwife I saw this week was lovely and as a bonus she managed to get bloods from me really easily and I didn’t even realise she’d done it! I’m booked in for another growth scan next week and am to have these every 2 weeks just to keep an eye on baby girl!

So here’s my 32 week baby bump and I will see you in a couple of weeks for my 33 to 34 week update!

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