What’s In My Hospital Bag?

I see so many YouTuber’s do videos on what they have put in their hospital bag when they are pregnant and, as I’m heading into my 35th week of pregnancy, I thought it would be cool to do a blog post on what I’ve put in my hospital bag. I’ve also done a post on what I’ve put in baby’s hospital bag too which will be live in the next few days.

Because you never know what is going to happen, no matter how much you plan for it, you also never know how long your stay will be. With my son I was in for a total 3 nights. He was born late on the Tuesday and we went home Friday afternoon. I hope I won’t be in as long this time around as I’d like to make sure I get to see my son as much as possible too. So, what is in my hospital bag? I’m going to start with what’s in my toiletries bag. My toiletries bag itself was a set of 4 cosmetics bags from Next and they are currently still in stock as I write this. I’ll only be using the big clear bag as the others in in use for other things at the moment.

What’s Inside?

Nivea Everyday Travel Essentials Set – I wanted to get myself travel sized items as they are perfect for a couple of days and nights and they don’t take up a great deal of space. So when I spotted this set I thought it was perfect as it has everything I wanted to get (Deodorant, Lip balm, Make up wipes & Shower creme) plus the added extra of some  moisturiser, just in case my skin gets really dry.
Travel Hairbrush – I picked myself up a little hairbrush from Primark (I think it was about £1.50). It has a floral pattern on the back and is perfect for giving my hair a bit of a brush during labour (if I’m feeling up to it) and for after that first shower.

Maternity PadsBreast Pads – I remember when I had my son, I didn’t need to pack maternity pads as they were available on the postnatal ward in abundance (as were protective sheets to put on the bed to lie on). But this time I plan on taking some just in case they are not as readily available. If you are using this as a guide on what to pack for yourself (firstly, congratulations!) then you will need plenty of maternity pads. Yes, it is like wearing a brick between your legs (TMI) but you will bleed. A lot. Even if you are planning a cesarean section. So I’m taking a pack of 20. I’m also taking breast pads. I can’t remember when I started to need these last time but I didn’t use more than 40 pads as I didn’t breast feed in the end. I’ll be taking 6-8 pairs.

Aussie Miracle Moist Travel Shampoo & Conditioner – I remember loving that first shower, but I had taken so much shampoo and conditioner that it took up so much space in my bag that could have been saved for something else.

Travel Toothbrush & Toothpaste – Pretty self explanatory, but once you’ve had baby and reality starts to set in, you start to notice the gross things – including that you haven’t cleaned your teeth in 2 days!

Hair bands & Hair grips – I love those clear spiral hair ties, they don’t snag your hair and they don’t leave that crease in your hair that regular elastic ties leave! I use mine all the time so will probably will already be wearing it when I go in so I’ll be popping some regular ties in the bag just in case.

Hair Brush – I’ve bought myself a little travel hairbrush from Primark. It’s cute and it was super cheap!

Make Up – I have a large make up bag and a small one (both of which are Disney and from Primark). I’m taking this small one which contains the essentials (compact mirror, foundation, concealer, brow pencil & mascara) plus a new beauty blender for the foundation should i choose to wear it.

Hand Sanitiser – I’ll be taking some antibacterial hand gel in with me just to make sure my hands are free of germs at all times and also smell nice at the same time.

Spray Water – I’ve got a can of Magicool from the summer last year and will be taking that with me in case I get too hot.

Medication – I’ll also be taking any medication that I’m on. Currently they are Omeprazole, Ursodeoxycholic Acid and Ferrous Sulphate.

Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit – I’ve had this little kit for a good few years now, and I love it. I’ve used a couple of bits out of it but so far I’ve not needed to use too much out of this little kit and I am popping it in with my toiletries because you just never know!

And now onto the rest of my bag. I’ve followed the NHS guidlines to a certain extent but I’ve also tried to remember things that I didn’t use last time and also things that I didn’t take that I really wish I had.

I’m going to be using a weekend bag that I bought many moons ago from The Old Bag Company. It’s a good size and has lots of compartments to put all my necessities in.

Nightshirt/Nightie – To try and save that last shred of dignity during childbirth! I’ve bought a pair of cheap ones from Littlewoods.

Pants & Socks – I’ve bought a pack of black full briefs from Tesco. Black because they don’t get ruined as easily and full briefs because if I have to have another cesarean then they are so much more comfy as they don’t sit along the scar line. And I’m not a fan of bare feet so when I’m not wearing my flip flops then I will most definitely have a pair of socks on. I’ve just bought a pack of Tesco Basics black socks.

Bra – Simply because it’s nice to put on a clean bra after hour of labour. I only have 2 at the moment that fit and are comfy, so I wear one while I wash one so I’ll be popping the clean one in much nearer the time.

Flip Flops – I took slippers last time and wished I had taken flip flops instead as at least flip flops can be worn in the shower and around the ward.

T shirt & a Hoodie – Tops for all weather eventualities.
Maternity Jeans & Maternity Leggings – because I know I won’t be fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans just yet and will want something comfortable to come home in. My jeans will be going in when I need to put them in as, like my bras, I only have 2 pairs.

Plastic Bag – Just for putting any dirty underwear and clothes into.
Phone charger – Just in case we have more than just an overnight stay!
iPad – So I have some entertainment in the event I can’t sleep or that we are in for longer that I anticipate.
Camera – Because babies are cute and I want to take lots and lots of photos of our daughter!
Snacks & Bottles of Water – For both myself and Tim while I’m in labour. Tim was exhausted while I was in labour with Alex and I think if we had been prepared and had some snacks and drinks for him he might have coped a little better. I’ve also bought a water bottle from Primark to take for me. Childbirth is hard enough work without having to muster enough strength to sit up and drink from a standard bottle so I’ve bought myself a bottle with a straw so that it’s a little easier.

The last few items will be going in over the next week or two as I am still using certain things such as my phone charger and iPad.

And that’s it. I will obviously be adding Hospital Notes to the list but as I will be needing them for the midwife appointments between now and giving birth, I’ll just be leaving these on top of my bag so they are ready to go!

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