Pregnancy Update | Weeks 33 & 34

Time just seems to be moving so fast now! I don’t know whether that’s because of the weekly appointments I am now having or something else but I’m sure that around this point in my previous pregnancy time just slowed right down and the last 30-40 days felt like 3000-4000 days! So here’s what’s been happening during my 33rd and 34th weeks.

Week 33
In for monitoring a bit earlier this week as the appointment has been coincided with this weeks scan top save me having to make more than one trip up to the hospital. Scan first and then on to monitoring. Scan went ok, but baby girl is now measuring above the 90th centile for weight and I now have to repeat my GTT. This information has proved to be overwhelming and I sat in the waiting room sobbing. I’m having far too many appointments and it’s really starting to get to me. I know it’s for the best and it’s to keep and eye on us both but it’s simply just getting a bit too much for me. Especially because my first pregnancy was really straight forward. I was very lucky to have a midwife who was so so so caring to do my monitoring. She understood my frustration and made sure she stayed with me as  much as she could. She made me a cup of tea while I was hooked up to the monitor and she was just amazing – Thank you Nikki (yes, we have the same name!), you really helped and although you probably won’t see this, I can’t thank you enough and I just wanted to put it out there. She couldn’t get any blood from me so I do have to go back Wednesday or Thursday to the Phlebotomy labs at the hospital to have them done but I’ve gotten so used to having bloods taken that it doesn’t bother me anymore.

Bloods were taken on Thursday and were taken without issue, so big thumbs up there. I then had a text from the hospital (loving that, it’s super handy. Thanks Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust!) reminding me of an appointment on 2nd March….. which is weird because I haven’t made an appointment for then and neither have I had a letter or a phone call to make said appointment. One quick phone call later, it turns out it’s for my repeat GTT. If I had kept that appointment it would mean I would be up the hospital on 3 different days next week. Luckily the lady I spoke to was really understanding and has arranged for it to be done on the same day as another appointment I already have, phew!

Week 34
I did it! I managed to go 6 hours for my liver scan without food or drink! I felt awful afterwards but I did it! Turn out I have gallstones. I’ve not been in any pain with them nor did I have any symptoms that they might be there. It’s only because of the Cholestasis that I needed the scan! I’m not sure what this means yet but I see the consultant next week so I should find out then. I’ve also had a repeat Glucose Tolerance Test and that went fine as did this weeks monitoring.

Apart from the snow (as much as I love snow, is anyone else just ready for a bit of warmer weather now?) this week has been pretty uneventful! Next week I have my consultant appointment to discuss baby girls delivery and whether I will need to be induced or not! So that will be in the next update. Over the weekend I also published a post on what I have put in my hospital bag, if you haven’t it yet be sure to do so here! I’ve also done a post on baby’s hospital bag too which will be up in the next day or two which, let’s face it, is much more exciting than big knickers and maternity leggings!

So, here’s bump and the next update will be in the next couple of weeks!

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