What’s In Baby’s Hospital Bag?

I see so many YoutTuber’s do videos on what they have put in their baby’s hospital bag when they are pregnant and, as I am now into my 35th week of pregnancy, I thought it would be cool to do a blog post on what I’ve put in my baby’s hospital bag. I’ve also done a post on what’s in my hospital bag, which you can read here.

Unlike with my son, I’ve tried not to pack too much for baby. I’ve tried to make sure everything I take fits in baby’s changing bag. This time around, I’ve opted to buy a new changing bag and I’ve gone for the Babymel Ella in Navy Striped. I’m loving it so much. It comes with a changing mat and bottle insulator, and is wipe clean inside and out. I am also going to make sure Alex’s old changing bag has a few things in it just in case we need any extra bits, then Tim can always just grab the bag and not worry about what he needs to put into it.

Anyway, now you know what changing bag we have, here’s what’s inside that bag (along with photos, of course).

5 Sleepsuits & 5 Vests – These include her first outfit (which will be a white vest with a pink and white striped sleepsuit. Alex’s first sleepsuit was a blue and white striped one so I thought this one would be cool), spare clothes and what she will wear to go home in (I’m thinking either the Daisy duck sleepsuit or the Little miss Chatterbox sleepsuit)

~ Little Miss Chatterbox & Daisy Duck sleepsuits from Morrisons ~ Set of 3 pink sleepsuits from Tesco ~
~ 3 short sleeved & 2 long sleeved – all from Tesco ~

A cardigan – My mother-in-law knitted this when I was pregnant with Alex but he never got chance to wear it. I want this to be what baby girl comes home in.

Hats – because not matter what time of year baby’s are born, they always need a hat as they lose so much heat from their tiny heads.
Scratch mitts – Almost all sleepsuits that are sized 3-6 months or smaller have built in scratch mitts but I thought I would take some along just in case.
Bibs – It’s unlikely she’ll need a bib in those first few days but as Alex was a sicky baby, I thought I’d go prepared! Plus, two of the sleepsuits im taking cane with matching bibs which are just adorable so I couldn’t exactly leave those behind!

Hat & Mitts set (Tesco) ~ Scratch Mitts, pair (Tesco) ~ Bambi Bib, part of a set (Primark) ~

Muslins – Muslin squares are the absolute best. They are super useful for everything from lying baby onto to wiping up any dribble or sick.

~ Muslins (Primark) ~

Nappies – A pretty obvious one but they’re in the bag. We will be using disposable nappies as opposed to reusable ones just because of how easy they are. We are opting for Pampers as they have a wetness indicator on the front. When the nappy is dry there is a yellow line and this turns blue the wetter the nappy gets.

Baby Wipes – Newborn babies skin is super sensitive and it’s not recommended that you use wipes. Midwifes will recommend the use of cotton wool and warm water. Because I don’t like the idea of fumb
ling around for a bowl of water and cotton wool when you have the dreaded poonami. Instead, this time I have opted to buy Water Wipes. They are 99.9% water and 0.01% fruit extract so they are completely natural and sensitive for those first few nappy changes.

A blanket – Our little girl is due to be an April baby. When Alex was born, it was a really warm April. We can’t be sure that will be the case this time and so I want to make sure that we can wrap her up if it is feeling a bit cool.
Nappy sacks – Not for use with dirty nappies but for any dirty clothes. The last thing you want to do is mix dirty with clean and then have to wash everything again once you get home!
Dummies – We used dummies with our son as he used to ‘suck’ in his sleep which caused a bit of restlessness until we caved and bought some dummies (boy am I glad we did!). So this time we are going to cave and buy some so we are prepared. If we don’t use them it’s not the end of the world but they are there if we do need them.
Milk – I wrote a post about my birth story, which includes my breastfeeding story. It didn’t go to plan and was the main cause (coupled with the fact I had a category 1 emergency cesarean) of my PPD and anxiety. This time I have made the decision to bottle feed straight off the bat to try and avoid any drop in my mental state. I’ve already been dealing with pre-natal anxiety and I don’t want to take that through to post partum. If I don’t have to struggle with it and feel like a failure, then I don’t want to even put myself in that position. So, because I’ve made the decision to bottle feed, I am required to take in milk for our baby girl whereas it was provided for Alex while we were in hospital.

And that’s everything. There are a few of the items that aren’t in the pictures, like the milk and dummies and nappy sacks but these items kind of speak for themselves. I’ve purchased a box of pre-made formula bottles that come with sterile teats. The bottles we have bought for baby are the Avent Naturals ones and the newborn starter set comes with a dummy so I’ll also be taking that with us. I am fully aware that everyone has an opinion on feeding and would kindly ask that this remain a positive space and any negativity towards bottle feeding is kept away. My opinion is that fed is best and that a happy mummy = a happy baby

I hope this has helped anyone in the situation of packing their baby’s hospital bag who might have been struggling. I’ve packed basically what I used when I was in hospital last time and I don’t think I have over or under packed. Time will tell!

UPDATE: Since writing this, I’ve added another sleepsuit to the bag which is one that was bought for us by the lovely people I work with at Tree Tops Kids Club as it is a smaller size than what I have already bought, and if I do end up getting induced early then she is likely to be a bit smaller. I’ve also bought another blanket from Morrisons  that has Tatty Teddy on it and it’s super cute!

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