My Plans for 2019

Each year prior to this one I have always made resolutions. And surprise, surprise – I’ve not kept a single one. I was going to stop biting my nails, I still bite them. I was going to eat healthier, I still eat my body weight in crisps on a daily basis. I was going to stop worrying about things out of my control, my anxiety is still lurking in the shadows waiting to jump out at me at the most inappropriate time.

You get the idea.

This year is no exception. Although I’m not calling them resolutions, I’m calling them plans. My plans for the year. Things I would like to accomplish.

Let’s kick things off with an oldie but goodie.

  1. Look After ‘Me’. That’s right ladies and gents, I’m going to try and take better care of myself. I’m really ashamed to admit that I’m not healthy, physically or mentally. I don’t exercise, I don’t eat healthily and this all leads to that very dark path of depression and anxiety. I get into a vicious cycle of eating, hating the way I look, feeling low, comfort eating, hating the way I look, etc, etc. So the basic idea is to just take a bit of time for me. Eat a bit better. And exercise. I want to take one of my baths a week and turn it into a pamper session – candles, bath bomb, calming music, the works. I want to start Yoga. I want to try and cook more as we currently live on so much junk food and take aways. This for me is the most important.
  2. Get Out More. This one is linked to the previous. As part of the exercise more I want to get out more. Go for more walks with the children. I find myself getting really frustrated with Alex in particular because he just makes really silly noises and winds his sister up and won’t let her nap. It hit me the other day that it’s simply because he is bored. So even if it’s just up the road, I want to get out for walks more.
  3. Be a Less ‘Shouty’ Mum. This one is taken from Mrs Meldrum. I tend to shout at Alex. A lot. When he’s frustrating, he tends not to listen (as does every other child). And when he doesn’t listen, I shout. Loud. Inevitably he ends up crying and I feel like the worst mum in the world. I really want to try and work with him on his frustration, boredom and anger that makes me shout and be a lot calmer.
  4. Keep on top of Friendships. I am such a shit friend. I really am. I and so bad at replying to messages or sticking to plans. But as I have only a few really close friends, I need to be a better friend to them. I apologise to my two closest friends right now (I’m really sorry Laura and Katie) for being flaky, but ‘New Year, New Me’ and all that – I promise to try harder this year!
  5. Learn Something New. I love learning new things. So I want to learn something new this year that I can actually use in my life. I’m looking at Photography and Sign Language which are two things that really really interest me!

I’m sticking to 5 for now as I feel that the reason we tend to fail our resolutions because we make too many and we make them too unrealistic.

I will make a mini 6th goal, and that is to try and keep on top of my goals and write updates as the year goes on.

What are your goals or resolutions for 2019?


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