Life With Two Children

Is it what I thought it would be? Nowhere near. Would I change it? Not for the world.

I love both of my children but it’s a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I thought having two that they would entertain each other, that I would have a little helper in the eldest, that I would have my shit together. HA! Ok, Alex definitely entertains Ellie and he really does love her… just a bit too much. He does help but only when he wants to and I most certainly do NOT have my shit together.

If you read my plans for 2019 post you would have seen that I get frustrated and I shout. 9 times out of 10 this will be because Alex is winding Ellie up and not giving her any space. It really is true that you go from being ‘parent‘ to ‘referee‘!

There’s also trying to fit 2 miniature humans into a routine that suits both. The one is hungry way before the other, and the other just wants to sleep while the one just wants to make noise.

I’m sure things will get easier, but they could also be differently difficult. I think it’s a case of taking each day as it comes and not having too many limits for either of them. I need to make sure I get out and meet friends, old and new, for my own sanity.

I love my family. They’re mine. I made them. And I could not be more proud of my mini me’s. Once we are all in a routine I can finally start writing again. I miss it so much. I want to add a wider variety of content, including my love of Disney in here too!

Life has been rough the last few months but my children have got me through every second and I love them more than words can ever explain.

So, how is life with 2 children? Tough but amazing and I love every second

2 thoughts on “Life With Two Children

  1. I think my parents had the same hope when my little brother was born – that he and I would entertain ourselves. Unfortunately, my toddler mind apparently went straight to “Oh good, here’s a living doll that I can boss around to my heart’s content”. Poor brother.

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