Disney Wisdom

Did you collect any of the Mickey Memories collection from 2018? I did. Every month I got the mug that was released as part of the collection and I now have moved on to Disney’s latest set.

Disney Wisdom.

Each month they’ll be releasing a plush, pin set, mug, t shirt and notebook with a well loved quote from various Disney movies. And this time, I’m collecting the notebooks. They’re absolutely gorgeous. With a stunning design on the front featuring the months quote, a silhouette of a character in the corner of each page, and the Volume No. down the spine. I definitely made the right choice with the notebooks

To kick things off, January’s quote is a Timothy Q Mouse one from Dumbo – “The very things that held you down are going to carry you up & up & up”

Disney has meant so much to me my whole life. It’s seen me through my best days and my worst. And this quote means more than I can ever explain to anyone and I truly believe every word spoken by dear Timothy Mouse.

Next month is a Mulan quote featuring Mushu, I can’t wait!

Are you collecting from Disney Wisdom?

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