Nicola Louise

Just Around The Riverbend has been a huge part of my life. It started as Curves and Contour which was initially a blog shared with my sister set up as a place for my sister to share makeup reviews and tips and for me to share my weight loss journey after having my son.

I’m not even sure that my sister wrote even one post, but as soon as it became evident that it was only me that was posting (making it my blog) I decided to rebrand as something that was very much more me. And thus, Just Around The Riverbend was born. It was to pay homage (I think that’s the right word?) to the fact that I am a huge Disney fan and that I live in a small town with a very distinct riverbend.

I then went on to have my daughter in 2018 and since then I sort of lost my love for blogging. I felt like I was struggling to come up with ideas and things to write about. I felt like I needed to have all these really cool post ideas or I needed to jump on the latest trend, when I had zero clue about what to write and I really didn’t care for half of the trends at the time.

Now, I sit at home and I find myself missing my blog. Like really missing it. I miss writing.

And so, I am sat here deciding to once again change the name of my blog and rebranding! I say rebranding, take that term very loosely and with a pinch of salt. I’m basically changing the blog name and writing what I want rather than trying to slot into one category of blog. This is basically going to be my space to document things I get up to, parenting, and things I’m liking etc.

Whether anyone reads this or not I’m just going to enjoy writing again!!

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